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You can finally buy World War Z's ultimate zombie-killing weapon

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Or as near enough as makes no difference. ThinkGeek is now offering the new "Crovel Extreme II", a super-utility weapon that bears more than a passing similarity to the Lobo that helped our boys defeat the undead in the original World War Z novel.


Obviously, the Lobo didn't make it into the World War Z movie — along with about a million other things — but the Shaolin spade-esque weapon has clearly inspired this new version ThinkGeek utility tool. The new Crovel "functions as shovel, hammer, crowbar, woodworking chisel, saw, and bottle opener," and the shovel can be folded down when you're not in the middle of fleeing a horde of zombies. While it lacks the super-sharp edge of the Lobo, you'll note the Crovel's shovel end has a serrated edge that should take care of most of your zombie decapitation needs. Also, it's not fictional, which is super helpful.

The Crovel Extreme II is $140, but an extra $30 gets you a reversible steel "super spike" that you can place on the end for improved skull puncturing as well.


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