Convinced you're handsomer than Tony Stark? Or look better in blue than Captain America? Marvel (Disney), Hasbro, and a 3D printing company called 3DPlusMe have joined forces to give comic book fans a brief opportunity to turn themselves into an action figure—as long as their favorite characters are either Iron Man or Captain America.

Starting tomorrow at ten select Walmarts and a couple of Sam's Club locations across the country fans will be able to have their faces scanned, 3D printed in miniature, and then transplanted onto a 12-inch articulated figure. The opportunity is only available until September 28, though, and the cost of such vanity is $45, all-inclusive. It's unfortunate that the character selection is so limited, especially for female comic book fans. And I'm sure I'd look a lot better in a tight leather suit than Catwoman ever could—but I guess we'll never know. [SuperAwesomeMe]