You Can Fly This Impossibly Tiny Drone Even If You Live In a Closet

Can an RC toy still be considered fun when you can no longer see it? That's the question Swann's new Xtreem Atom Mini Drone brings to mind because with rotors just 1.25-inches long, you have to wonder if eventually these tiny flying toys will be as small as mosquitoes, and as equally difficult to spot.


Weighing in at less than half an ounce, the Atom RC Mini Drone is definitely an indoor flying toy because even the slightest breeze will blow it off course. But as long as wind gusts are kept to a minimum, even novice pilots should be able to keep it aloft thanks to a tiny stabilizing gyro inside.

For $40 it includes a full-featured infrared remote (including buttons for doing mid-air flips) which is also used to charge the tiny craft from four AA batteries. A full charge keeps the Atom RC Mini Drone flying for about four minutes with a range of around 100 feet, so when it inevitably crashes, it won't be too far out of sight to find. [Swann]

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