You Can Get HBO On Sling TV Now, Too

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Game of Thrones is back in just a few days—and without an Apple device or a cable subscription, you don’t have a place to watch it. Don’t panic. There’s a solution: Sling TV has HBO, too.


It’s not exactly the same as the HBO Now service that’s (currently) exclusive to Apple. Sling TV’s offering requires users to have a basic “Best of Live TV” package, and HBO access is only available through Sling TV’s own app. Fortunately, Sling TV’s interface is available almost everywhere: Macs, PCs, Roku devices, Xbox One, and on Android and iOS devices.

It may not be as versatile as having direct access to HBO Now, but the service has its own perks: HBO will be the only channel on Sling TV to support multiple simultaneous streams at no extra cost. Neat. HBO’s usual backlog of on-demand content is included, too.

If you don’t have an Apple device, this is a surefire way to get HBO now without getting HBO Now. But it’s not perfect: you still need some kind of TV subscription. Unless your internet provider has a workaround of its own, though (looking at you, Cablevision Optimum), it’s your only option. Unless you’re a moocher, of course.


Jean Lafitte The Second

I have Sling TV because I fucking hate Comcast. To be honest, I don’t miss Comcast. Having the ability to watch HBO despite the $15/month fee is welcome news. I had to do something after my cable bill skyrocketed to $280/month. Sling TV gives me just the right amount of cable TV I need.