Or, as you might know it, “that spinning bronze sun thing that flies over the map while you’re humming along to the theme tune”. Yes, one of the coolest parts of Game of Thrones’ opening will soon be an elaborate display piece you put on your shelf. Perfectly for Game of Thrones though, you’ll have to buy a book to get it.

A special edition of the previously released Pop-Up Guide to Westeros (how on earth does a show as adult as GoT have a pop-up book??) is being bundled with the incredibly fancy looking Astrolabe is made of metal and is fully articulated, allowing you to spin the individual rings around to your hearts content, presumably while humming the Game of Thrones theme.


The Astrolabe stands at around 13 inches tall, and comes with a stand depicting a Stark Direwolf, Targaryen Dragon, Lannister Lion and Baratheon stag supporting the orb itself. It really all is rather fancy.

I dare you to look at this and not hear the theme tune, frankly.

The special edition of the Pop-Up Guide To Westeros will be available this summer for as yet undisclosed price, Iron or otherwise.


[via Comic Book]

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