You Can Now Pre-Order That Crazy, All Metal, Super-Secure Turing Phone

The Turing Phone is one weird dude. Like some cross between a scifi prop and an actual Android phone, this new device from Turing Robotics is what they call a “cipher” phone—the next evolutionary step for smartphones. Whether that’s the case or not, who knows, but you can pre-order it right now and find out if you want.

It won’t come cheap. The three different models—Beowulf, Cardinal, and Pharaoh—will cost you $610 (16GB), $740 (64GB), and $870 (128GB). could almost buy two new Moto X Styles for that price. And even though it’s made from metal 1.5 stronger than titanium, the software side of things is pretty much plain old Android Lollipop with one terrible-looking launcher.


But hey, it looks kinda cool. You can read our full first impressions below.

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