You Can Pay $9,300 to Attach an Apple Watch to an Even Fancier Watch

Here’s an innovation so impractical, uncomfortable, and expensive, that I can’t stop looking at it. Of course the world has produced a luxury Swiss timepiece that has space on its band for an Apple Watch. It’s a goofy two-faced hybrid watch that packs a gloriously unnecessary double-whammy of bling into a single object.

Pinnacle is a line of timepieces launched today by watchmaker Nico Gerard. On one side of your wrist rests a normal watch face; on the other, a 38-millimeter Apple Watch that connects to the Pinnacle’s bracelet. The basic stainless steel Pinnacle with a 41-millimeter case costs $9,300. A a blue-faced version costs $9,500. And for those with really truly too much money to burn, there’s an 18-karat gold model that’ll set you back $112,000. Whew!


Shockingly, the Pinnacle is not the first Apple Watch-incorporating, double-faced timepiece on the market. Earlier this summer, Original Grain’s Barrel watch raised nearly a half-million dollars on Kickstarter, making it the third-most funded fashion project in the history of the crowdfunding platform. Despite its absurdity, there’s clearly a market for this funky, dual watch concept.

Rad? Ugly? Both? I can’t decide. What do you guys think:


[Nico Gerard via Mashable]

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