You Can Rent Disney Movies on YouTube Now

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From classics like Alice in Wonderland to the Pixar hits and Pirates movies of today, Disney will eventually put up a lion's share of its movies for rent on the digital boob tube, YouTube. There are only a handful of Disney movies on YouTube right now but hundreds more will join the rental list in the next few weeks.

The movies aren't on the YouTube page yet but should be there soon, Disney is the 4th major movie studio to offer movies for rent on YouTube following Sony Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers. When the movies get up, you'll find Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides here, Cars here, Alice in Wonderland here and other Disney movies scattered around. We'll let you know when they go live. [YouTube Movies]

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No thanks, I can't stand the horrible Youtube buffering on 1 minute videos, much less 90 minute movies.