You Could Get $3 Back For Each Price-Fixed E-Book You Bought

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Following the e-book price fixing scandal that saw Apple found guilty, all five of the publishing houses involved in the spat have finally agreed to a federal court settlement—which could see you receiving a payout.

The settlement—published in full below—outlines how consumers may retrospectively benefit from the deal. According to the document, if you bought an ebook from one of the publishers five between April 1st 2010 and May 21st 2012, you could be eligible for a $3.06 pay-out per book purchased. That figure is strictly for books that featured on the New York Times bestseller list; non-bestsellers will see a repayment of just $0.73.


The reimbursements will apply to e-books purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple, and arrive in the form of credit with the respective seller. The figures are, however, still tentative: Macmillan and Penguin have approved the settlement, but still need to finalize their stance. But it looks certain you'll get at least a few bucks back. [Gigaom via Verge]

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