It's kind of hard to justify spending $15,000 on a remote control toy truck when you can get a real car for that much money. But there are certain advantages to opting for this 1:3 scale monster from Mammuth Works. You don't need a license to drive it, you don't need insurance, it's easy to park on a sidewalk, and if you roll it doing stupid stunts there's minimal risk of getting hurt.


And notice we said minimal risk, because at 176 pounds if this thing accidentally hits you at full speed it's gonna hurt. Thankfully you don't necessarily have to drop 15 grand on the Rewarron, because Mammuth Works is promising cheaper ten and five grand versions that come with less powerful engines and simpler options. But when you're buying an RC toy that's over six and a half feet long, you literally have to go big or go home.

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[Mammuth Works via Notcot]

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