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You Could Smuggle the World's Smallest Game Console Anywhere

So how do you convince a bunch of hackers to buy a tiny thumbnail-sized OLED display called the TinyScreen that's designed to interface with the TinyDuino platform? You show them how to build what has to be the world's tiniest game console, which is small enough to smuggle or be discreetly played anywhere.


The TinyScreen is going the Kickstarter route to raise funding for a production run, but it's already blown past its $15,000 goal. And it's from the same folks behind the TinyDuino platform, who've already proven they can get their creations to market. So as far as Kickstarters go, there's not a terrible amount of risk here.

Illustration for article titled You Could Smuggle the Worlds Smallest Game Console Anywhere

The screen itself measures in at just over an inch wide, with a resolution of 96 x 64 pixels. So we're talking sub-VGA capabilities, but it's so tiny your eyes probably won't care, especially with the bright colors and contrast ratio OLEDs are known for.

If you're already got the requisite TinyDuino hardware on hand, you can pre-order the TinyScreen with a donation of just $25, and delivery is expected sometime in January of next year. But if you're hoping to rebuild a tiny gaming console for yourself, all of the necessary components are available in a $75 kit, not including the open-source games needed to make it worth carrying everywhere you go. [Kickstarter - TinyScreen via Boing Boing]

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Did they really have to use Flappy Bird?