If you've come to rely on your smartphone as your primary camera, you've probably found yourself frustrated at its lack of zoom or even macro capabilities. Clip-on lenses can vastly improve its capabilities, and taking a cue from those sliding puzzle games that have you re-arranging tiles to form an image, the Puzlook iPhone case has five swappable lenses on the back that slide into position to improve your shots.


As long as your puzzle-solving skills are up to the task, the Puzlook case lets you swap in wide-angle, macro, telephoto, and even fisheye lenses to help take your Instagram shots to a whole new level. It's just too bad the $99 case only fits the iPhone 5 or 5s, but given the Puzlock appears to add some significant bulk to Apple's older hardware, you'd probably need a dolly to carry the iPhone 6 around with this attached. [Puzlook via PSFK]