You Know You're In A Really Shitty Dystopia When They Spy On Your Sex Dreams

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Christopher Lambert is stuck in a prison cell with half a dozen sweaty dudes, but at least he can dream about sex with his wife, right? Wrong! The Men-Tel Corporation's brain monitors observe his wet dream and give him nausea.

Oh, and there are spoilers below.

Some grad student somewhere has written a foot-thick dissertation on Fortress, the dystopian prison movie directed by Stuart Gordon (who also brought us many horror classics such as Reanimator, plus crazy science fiction classics Robot Jox and Space Truckers.)

Fortress is like a weird parable about the state trying to control your sexuality — Lambert is in prison because his wife, Loryn, became pregnant a second time, violating the state's one-child policy (even though the first child died at birth.) Now he's sentenced to 31 years in a corporate-run facility, where they won't even let him fantasize about heterosexual sex (but gay sex is apparently quite common, judging from some of the jokes.) Later on, the cyborg director of the facility — the one who's spying on Lambert's sex dreams in this clip — tries to get Loryn to divorce Lambert and marry him instead. When that doesn't work out, he sentences her to have her baby by lethal cesarian section. In the end, the married couple gets away, but an exploding truck crashes into the building where Loryn is giving birth — so she has to give birth while simultaneously outrunning an explosion. Hard fucking core!


There are so many great scenes in Fortress that deserve inclusion in found footage-land, including the bit where Jeffrey Combs probes the other inmates' intestines and gets the intestinal pain device out of them. (It also explodes if they try to escape.) And then the scene where the cyborgs are going to slice open Loryn's pregnant stomach, and Combs races against time to install a virus on the evil corporation's mainframe — one of the most unrealistic hacking sequences in movie history. But the "wet dream = pain" sequence is probably the most classic. [IMDB]