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You Probably Won't Live Long Enough to Solve the World's Largest 22x22 Rubik's Cube

The last time the folks at Coren Puzzle tried to solve their ludicrous 22x22 custom Rubik’s Cube, the whole thing exploded in their hands. But that was just a minor setback it seems, because they finally having a version that works perfectly—if you have the patience.

The number of possible ways this cube can be scrambled, thanks to it having 484 individual colored squares on each face, is 4.3x10^1795. There doesn’t even appear to be a name for a number that large yet, although a number with 1,794 zeros is known as a septenonagintaquingentillion—so close enough.

Illustration for article titled You Probably Wont Live Long Enough to Solve the Worlds Largest 22x22 Rubiks Cube

To put that in perspective, it took the team at Coren Puzzle over three hours just to rotate the 22x22 cube into a neat and tidy checkerboard pattern. Were it completely randomly scrambled into a rainbow mess, there’s no telling how many lifetimes would be needed to get each side back to a uniform color.


What’s most impressive about this custom creation, though, is that it was made entirely (save for the colored decals) using a consumer-grade 3D printer. And you can download the plans and 3D models to make one for yourself over on Thingiverse for free. You’ll just need another 22x22 Rubik’s Cube to help pass the time while you print its 2,691 individual parts. [Thingiverse via YouTube]

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