You’ve Reached a River In Your “Opera” Luxury Trailer

River Depth: 1.36 meters. Water Temperature: Warm. 1) Attempt to ford the river. 2) Call your private helicopter to airlift wagon. 3) Caulk wagon and float it across. What is your choice?

Considering this thing will contain "every conceivable luxury," fording the river seems a little dangerous. I wouldn't want to ruin those gorgeous hardwood floors, the motorized beds, or all the wine I'd have stored in this thing's wine cabinet. Yeah, I'd probably float it.


And c'mon Axel Enthoven. You say you took your design cues from the Sydney Opera House, but we all know you're just trying to live your grade school dream: taking a covered wagon across the Oregon Trail. In style. [Axel Enthoven via Dezeen, Likecool via Dvice]

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