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You Won’t Believe How Much Weight a Shopping Cart Can Hold

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Worried about destroying a shopping cart because of all the instant ramen you’re stocking up on at the grocery store? Don’t be. The internet’s favorite Hydraulic Press Channel recently took a break from smooshing stuff to test just how strong a shopping cart really is.

After methodically loading a cart with random pieces of heavy steel, the shopping cart was able to easily support around 1,015 pounds. It wasn’t until an additional 418 pounds was added that the cart finally succumbed to all the weight and collapsed. The max capacity for this particular cart was somewhere in-between—which is astonishing.

It might feel like you’re carrying well over 1,000 pounds of groceries home sometimes, but it would be all but impossible to fill a shopping cart past its weight capacity with what you can find in a grocery store. If you’re shopping for raw steel, though, you might want to grab something more sturdy to get your purchases to the checkout.


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