You Won't Need a Book Light with This Chair

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Anyone who likes to read knows how infuriating it can be to do so in the dark. Turns out, you need light to read. And more than a little! Find yourself in a poorly lit room, and there'll be a lot of squinting, angling and twisting your body around, ruining your eyes, your comfort, and the story you're trying to absorb. Designer Giha Woo's "Hidden Light" chair solves this problem by incorporating a lamp into your seat's metal frame, which swings out like a book light built right into your chair.


However. While it's a convenient concept, I can't help but wish the chair itself would look cozier to curl up in. [GihaWoo Design via Designboom]



GihaWoo Design should forget about chairs and get to work designing a proper web site. Trying to read that print is as bad as reading in the dark. Kind of ironic, wouldn't you say?