You'd Better Know the Access Code If You Want To Silence This Alarm

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There are countless alarms that go the extra mile to get you out of bed in the morning. But none go quite as far, or look as slick, as the Ramos which can only be turned off from a remote keypad.


When the alarm goes off in the morning, a four digit code will be displayed in lieu of the time, requiring you to memorize it and enter it on the keypad before the Ramos will be silenced. Alternately, if you can figure out the date, that can also be used to let it know you're out of bed. There's even talk of letting you enter the first 16 digits of Pi, ensuring morning Andrew would never have the slightest chance of shutting it up.

It's unfortunately still a Kickstarter project with dreams of becoming a real product one day soon, but the functional prototypes look just plain slick, including the hand-built nixie tube teak version which can be yours with a pledge of $350.


For more modest budgets, a birch version with a regular LED display is also available for a $160 pledge, and both include the battery-powered wireless Defuse Panel which can be mounted on your wall, well away from where you sleep. [Kickstarter via Uncrate]

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I used to have an intercom on the wall for an alarm clock, you had to get out of bed and punch in the code to turn it off, you assigned the code yourself the night before so sometimes when i wasn't sleeping I would change the alarm time and code for some of the other Alarms in the house, as a gift to my family. p.s. it didn't make a difference, if you are fast enough you can plop back into bed and go right back to sleep.