You'll Actually Want to Dress Up For Parties With a Beer Koozie Tie

There’s no better indication that a party might suck than it having a formal dress code. How are you supposed to relax with a stiff collar and silk noose tied around your neck? It’s not completely impossible, though, thanks to a bunch of geniuses who invented a necktie that doubles as a beer koozie.


The aptly-named Beer Tie doesn’t pretend to be anything more than possibly mankind’s greatest innovation. Made of the same insulating, waterproof neoprene material as a standard drink koozie, the Beer Tie will help keep a can or bottle cold while also protecting your shirt underneath from getting soaked with condensation.

The $20 Beer Tie’s neck strap features a velcro enclosure on the back so you don’t need to know how to tie a single knot to wear or adjust it. In addition to keeping your drink close at hand, it also frees your hands up for snacking, horse shoes, cornhole, or countless other barbecue/birthday/bar mitzvah activities.

[Beer Tie via Fancy]

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