You'll Be Able to Download Every Single PS4 Game Digitally

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Though we're still waiting to see what the PS4 is going to look like, we definitely have a handle on the guts and how the next gen system will work. And that includes downloading PS4 games digitally. According to Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida, every single PS4 game will be available to download online.


In an interview with The Guardian

We're shifting our platform more and more to the digital side—PS4 will be similar to PS Vita in that every game will be available as a digital download, and some will also be available as a disc.

That'd be nice for gamers who just like to click and buy (and not worry about the used game market, etc.) but what might be even more interesting is a possible subscription model for video games. Yoshida described the possibility, saying:

As more and more services and contents become available digitally, we'll have more of an option to create attractive packages. So hypothetically we can look at different models—like a cable TV company. We could have gold, silver or platinum levels of membership, something like that. We can do subscription services when we have more content—especially now that we have the Gaikai technology available. With one subscription you have access to thousands of games—that's our dream.

Hard drive space is a concern but with streaming games available, maybe not. Check out the whole interview at The Guardian. [The Guardian via The Verge]


Denver is too damn high

No big deal. But, games should be cheaper if that were the case.

-No packaging or distribution costs (beyond bandwidth).

-This would make it impossible to sell used games.

-it would be nice to pay for what you play. I paid 60 bucks for Halo and got sick of looking for ammo after 4-5 'levels'. Do I suck at Halo? sure. Just don't have the time anymore.