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You'll Have To Hurry To Own These Incredible Lord Of The Rings Posters

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Matt Ferguson's gloriously geeky art is well known for its awesomeness (as well as its ability to promptly sell out the moment it goes on sale) - and this latest trilogy of posters inspired by the Lord of the Rings is no exception. You've only got until the end of this weekend to buy it though!

Like the Star Wars set we featured a while ago, Matt's latest posters, the opening pieces of art for his upcoming solo collection Distant Lands, are going on a limited run - but only limited by the amount of orders placed between now and 11:59pm EST on Sunday evening, rather than running out of a pre-set number. Which is great, because as many people as possible should get their hands on these gorgeous posters. Here's my favourite, the Two Towers themed Book Two in its full glory:


Pretty damn spectacular. I love the glow of the braziers across the battlements of Helm's Deep.

Each poster will set you back $35, or the whole set can be got for $100 (or for $300, printed onto Wood, which sounds ludicrously fancy and awesome). You can order them over at the Bottleneck Art Gallery, but don't forget - you've only got until the end of Sunday if you want some!


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