You'll Waste Hours Watching the Time Tick By On this Nixie Tube Clock

Though the technology is ludicrously outdated, Nixie tubes have actually remained a popular alternative to LEDs and LCD displays—at least in devices where function follows form. So it's no surprise that MB&F, known for its over-the-top watches and music boxes, has embraced them on its new Nixie Machine clock that people won't be staring at just to read the time.


Six Nixie tubes in total are used on this piece, showing the hours, minutes, and seconds as they tick by, or the day, month, and year in date mode. To make it a no-brainer to set, the Nixie Machine actually has built-in GPS hardware that retrieves the time from a passing satellite so it automatically sets itself, no matter where on Earth it ends up.

And that's good, because if you just spent slightly shy of $28,000 for a desk clock, the last thing you'd want is to have to fiddle with poorly labelled buttons to figure out how to set it. [MB&F M.A.D. Gallery via Uncrate]


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