Young Fukushima Evacuees Suffering from Thyroid Problems after Radiation Exposure

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Even though Japan is trying to rebuild, the incredible radiation unleashed by the Fukushima Daiichi plant after the tsunami continues to take its toll. One charity found that 10 out of 130 youths evacuated from Fukushima is suffering from thyroid irregularities.


According to Kyodo News:

The Japan Chernobyl Foundation and Shinshu University Hospital did blood and urine tests on youngsters aged up to 16 including babies under the age of one for about a month through the end of August in Chino, Nagano, when the children stayed there temporarily after evacuating from Fukushima.


Three of the ten children tested lived in the 20km evacuation zone. Exposure to radiation causes greater harm in youths than it does to adults. As such, the findings aren't surprising—Enenews previously reported that 45% of youngsters had thyroid exposure to radiation, putting them at greater risk for cancer. [Kyodo News, Enenews, The Mainichi Daily News]

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Wally Santana

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Just as I predicted and was slammed for by some starred nuclear engineers on this site saying Fukushima was being sensationalized on Giz and in the media in general. Having experienced Chernobyl's effects on my son, I knew this would come. Just wait until the women that were in their first trimester start giving birth to the children who were exposed to radiation while in the early stages of pregnancy.