Last week, Google launched a contest for artists to decorate its self-driving cars, and in a completely unrelated move, we asked you to use Photoshop to decorate Google’s self-driving cars.

We’ve tallied up the entries, presented them to an expert panel of judges, and present the results below. To the winners go internet points (a hot commodity since Reddit flipped its shit); everyone else, Google’s AI would like to thank you for playing.

via phenomejohn


Drought Edition via SeaBeastRising

via blackandblue687

Honorable mentions also go to:


via sergloglzgtz

RoboFord via telefoto/Canada


via bkdes

via lbcr8lv


via Tristanhamish

Finally, possibly the only sincere (?) submission in the thread, via RzRheaven


You can see the full list of submissions here

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