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Your Butt Is Your Password in the Anti-Theft Car Seat

Illustration for article titled Your Butt Is Your Password in the Anti-Theft Car Seat

Keys can be stolen, remote alarms can be hacked. But your butt-print is yours alone. And if these Japanese researchers have their way, you'll soon use it to start your car.


The seat itself, looks like a normal bucket seat, however, its lower section is lined with 360 pressure sensors that measure the force exerted by your backside across the seat. This information is then fed into a central laptop—the system is still in development—that extrapolates the data and determines if the owner of said derriere is authorized to start the car. The seat is being developed at the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology in Tokyo and is reportedly 98% accurate.

I'd be interested to see how the system accounts for temporary weight loss or gain and how it defends against thieves that weigh the same as you. We'll have to wait two to three years to find out until the seats are expected to hit market. [AIIT.AC via MobileMag ]

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"Hey Honey can you go and move my car"

"Sure babe!"...."It's not starting"

or in other scenarios with a less known person behind the wheel like a car wash or oil change.