Your Dog Could Talk Back With This Mind-Reading Headset

Some dog owners just get their pet. They can interpret every growl, yawn, and yelp the way a new parent can distinguish his or her child's cry. But what if you don't have that perception with your pooch? Enter No More Woof, the headset that wants to translate your dog's thoughts into human-speak.

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Dreamt up by the fashionable Scandinavian brainstormers at the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, No More Woof reads your dog's mind via electroencephalogram sensors — it measures brain waves. The folks at NSID say they've decoded some of the most easily detected doggie thought patterns, like "I'm hungry," "I'm tired," and "I want to pee." Using a brain-computer interface powered by a Raspberry Pi, No More Woof turns these mental states into verbal cues. Speak, Rover!

NSID goes to great lengths to point out that this is very much still a concept, and its Indiegogo campaign offers supporters the chance to preorder what are basically development prototypes. And No More Woof feels admittedly toyish in comparison to devices that help search and rescue workers and the disabled communicate with their service dogs.

Still, how awesome would it be to hear your pooch say "I'm hungry," rather than the tired old "arf arf arf?" [Indiegogo]


Since when to EEG electrodes work through fur? Don't they need a really solid connection with bare skin? Am I making this up?