Your Old AOL Disks Could Help You Find The Perfect Fit

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The thrill of finding the perfect pair of jeans online usually lasts until just after they finally arrive, and you realize you chose the wrong size. But a Berlin-based startup called UPcload wants to make online shopping easier with a webcam, a CD, and your perfect fit.

While you may think you know your exact size, the fit of garments between brands and styles can often vary. And installing your own laser body scanner at home is a bit impractical. So to improve the chances that something you've bought online will fit, UPcload has you stand in front of your computer's webcam holding up a CD or DVD as a size reference. It then calculates your various dimensions, creating a custom size profile that's stored in their system. That profile would then be accessible at various online clothing retailers, and would compare the measurements of a given piece of clothing to your own stats, providing a recommendation on the size you'll need.


Unfortunately the service is kind of useless until it's actually adopted by a retailer, but the company promises that The North Face will be onboard next year, while they continue to negotiate with larger brands like Gap, Nike, Levi's and even eBay. [UPcload via TechCrunch]

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