Ruh to the roh. Coca Cola says it has found illegal fungicide in orange juice made by Coke and its competitors. The illegal fungicide was originally used on oranges in Brazil but has made its way to store shelves stateside. Watch what you drink!

The FDA confirmed Coke's fungicide find and has started inspecting various brands' OJ to see which products are contaminated. Coke didn't name any specific brands that were contaminated, only saying the fungicide was found in "its and competitors' currently marketed finished products". Coke, which makes Simply Orange and Minute Maid, and Pepsi, which makes Tropicana and Dole, are the biggest OJ producers by far.


According to the great Internet encyclopedia, the fungicide in the OJ, scientifically known as carbendazim, can cause infertility and destroy testicles in high doses. The amount of carbendazim in the OJ isn't significant enough to do that kind of damage but WAIT WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME, DESTROY FREAKING TESTICLES?! I'm only drinking fresh squeezed OJ from now on. [Fox News]