YouTube Is Messing With the Order of Videos in Some User Feeds

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YouTube is making even more changes to the way you watch videos, just in case you thought the video platform was done complicating its service after introducing YouTube Music. As noticed by MacRumors, YouTube is now testing non-chronological subscription feeds, a feature pretty much no one asked for, and one that is incredibly redundant. Why does every site with a feed seek to alter the concept of time?


YouTube confirmed the test on Twitter after some users noticed the change and inquired as to why the heck their subscription feed was no longer in chronological order. YouTube must have missed the memo about how users react when platforms mess with the order of the sacred feed.

While companies have increasingly turned to algorithms to surface content that will keep you engaged longer, users have yet to take a shine to the prospect of being served what a company wants you to see rather than what’s actually there. One of the largest complaints leveled against Instagram is its futzing with the chronological timeline of user feeds. Twitter loves to stick old tweets you missed while you were asleep or away in your timeline, seemingly to fuck with your sense of order. This seems like an unnecessarily user-hostile decision on YouTube’s part.

Here’s YouTube’s how-to and troubleshooting Twitter account explained the test: “Just to clarify. We are currently experimenting with how to show content in the subs feed. We find that some viewers are able to more easily find the videos they want to watch when we order the subs feed in a personalized order vs always showing most recent video first.”

Weird, considering YouTube already offers recommended videos based on your viewing habits and subscribed channels in its sidebar. Gizmodo has reached out to YouTube for clarification and further information about the subscription feed change.

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Why do these large services think they know me better than I know me? I want to see everything unfiltered and chronologically (newest first). Period. End of statement. If your algorithm does anything other than that, then it doesn’t know me and it has failed. Please remove it until it has gotten smarter.