YouTube Is Testing Out an Interactive Quiz Feature

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A new feature being tested out by Youtube could add infinitely many new uses to the video-hosting service. TechCrunch reports that a user-customized quiz feature called "Video Questions Editor Beta" (first spotted by a Dutch tech site).


Youtube describes the feature as a way for "multiple questions to be displayed on top of your video during playback that a viewer can answer."

It's just in beta, and the feature may not end up being introduced or integrated at all. But, for now, some users can play around and get creative with the beta, which TC describes thusly:

It's pretty straightforward—you just enter the question you want to ask, the point in the video when it should appear, and the answers that a viewer can choose from. You can also identify one of the answers as the correct one, and offer a hint if the viewers guess incorrectly. Afterwards, you can view a summary of the answers on your analytics page.



Molly Oswaks

For whatever reason, the first use that popped into my mind was some sort of driving school quiz. Maybe because I took drivers ed online and it was a sort of BS series of online quizzes.

Any other bright ideas?