I took this one in Gothenburg/Sweden in a gas station.

Nikon D40 18-55mm standart lens
Focal length 18.0 mm
Exposure 0.4 (1/3)
Aperture f/20
Iso 400


-Alex Garcia

Got my Rebel T2i yesterday, from a Cyber Monday sale, and I love it, been using it non-stop. Now I can submit pictures from a non-smartphone camera. I saw this challenge, and took around forty or fifty shots before I thought of using a mirror. I put the camera on a display shelf with a mirrored back, went on manual, adjusted the settings, and took a few shots. No editing, except for a horizontal flip, to counter the effects from the mirror.


Canon Rebel T2i, EFS 18-55mm lens, ISO 3200, f/7.1, 1.3 seconds

-Arrian Jahangiri


Shooting Specs:
Camera: Canon Rebel T2i
Lens: Canon EFS 18-55mm
F-Stop: F-10
Shutter Speed: 1/13 sec.
ISO: 100

The holidays are a perfect time to take pictures of outdoor lights. This was a Christmas tree on the side of a building in downtown Pittsburgh.

-Brad Oskowski


I figured that the best thing with lights all over it to take the zoom exposure was my Christmas tree. I zoomed from 18 to 55 mm during a 2 second exposure. Canon Rebel T2i, ISO400, f/5.6.

-Brandon Rothweiler


A poor man's zoom exposure. Since I can not change the zoom while I take an exposure, I wrapped the legs of my Gorillapod tripod to the handlebars of my bike, and took exposures of various lengths while I coasted downhill on a nearby bike trail. I also had a neutral density 4x filter on, so my exposures could be longer. I started with long, 8 second exposures and found that the results were either overblown or too blurry to make anything out. Found out that an exposure under a second long and coasting downhill at a moderate speed made for the best shots.

- Brian Hall


Canon 7D, 18-135 kit lens. ISO 100.

I simply zoomed in on my Christmas tree and then zoomed out while taking the picture with a 1 second shutter speed. Done handheld so I could capture some crazy light streaks.

-Casey Sjogren


Every year I admire the Christmas lighsts decorated homes. In this instance my neighbor's house turned out to be a warp portal.
1 second zoom exposure. Whilst shutter was released, I continuously zoomed out from 16 to 11 mm. Inside the frame stands a snowman.

This hand-held and manually focused shot was taken with a Nikon D3100; this entry-level body does not have a built-in AF motor. Glass used was Tokina 11-16mm 2.8F. I had the aperture at f/14 with ISO 320.

-Chris Stychinsky


Canon 50D
Canon 28-105 f/3.5-4.5
1/50 sec
ISO 250

After a while outside trying to get a good shot of the street, I decided to come back in and see if I could do something a little more controllable. I chose to use a piece from one of my older lego sets I had changed to recreate the iconic scene from A New Hope where Vader force chokes Admiral Motti for doubting his ways. To get the shot I flipped the main bar of my tripod so the camera sat upsidedown between the legs. A desk light was used add a little more light. I used a remote shutter release with one hand while zooming in with the other. After a while I got a shot I liked.

-Conor Brophy


Equipment is a Nikon D90 on tripod with 18-55mm Nikkor AF-S 3.5-5.6G at 50 mm – remote shutter triggered while zooming wide.

Aperture Priority Settings:
Aperture: f32
Shutter priority: 1/25s
ISO 200
Auto settings for white balance and exposure

From the cover photo for this announcement, it seemed that a wider & higher perspective might be a good way to do this exercise. I took a bunch of pictures zooming the barrel in and out at a city park. Being somewhat dissatisfied with those, I moved to a perch from where I could see most of northern Phoenix. I tried some zoom exposures from both sides of the hill I was on and then focused on the unique architecture of this large church. I like this exposure the best as you get the kinetic feel of zooming over the city while also having an interesting focal point.


-Cory Newkirk

Canon EOS 20D
ISO 100

Just took this zoom picture of one of my favorite subjects, beer. I took this of my first real glass from a new keggerator and figured there could be good symbolism in the excitement of drinking down the first glass and how fast it would go. Hence if I were to name the picture it would be something along the lines of "To the Bottom"


-Craig Christakos

This is an image of a tree that is in my back garden.

The photograph was taken on a frosty, foggy night in Woolton, Liverpool, UK.

The orangey glow is coming from a street light in the road behind. It was the only light source around.


I shot it with a Nikon D300s, attached to an Nikkor 16-35mm f4, and resting upon a tripod.

The camera settings were set to Manual, f/4.5, 3.0 seconds, ISO 200, and it was zoomed from 16mm to 35mm

I took fourteen shots, and this was my favourite

-Dave Walker


Took this with my Nikon D3000 and 18 - 55mm kit lens. I experimented quite a bit with the technique both indoors and out, and ended up liking this shot of a primitive skateboarding figure I have. I placed him on our kitchen table and shot from slightly below. Some of the colors you see mixed in the zoom effect are our red place mats. Lighting was incandescent and a bit low, which resulted in the golden tone. No post editing at all.

-David G


First time entering the shooting contest. Just got a Sony Nex-3 on Black Friday. Decided to take a shot of our little Christmas tree. My wife waved a book in front of the lens while it was zooming to create the dash effect.

Sony NEX-3
55 to 18 mm Zoom Range
15s Exposure

-David Matsumura


Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T2i
Aperture: F/22
Exposure: 1/2 sec.
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 10mm
I was sitting in my car with my camera waiting for seagulls for another photo-shoot I was doing that day when I remembered the photo challenge. I looked around for something to do and I walked out to try to find something cool to zoom in on when I noticed the view I was looking at would look very cool if zoomed in on, almost like a high speed run across the body of water. So I took a few shots and did very minor color adjustments in lightroom.

-Devin Stein


Nikon D90
AF S Nikkor 18-155mm
.62 sec exposure

Took this zoom exposure of some crumpled aluminum foil using a flashlight for illumination. Thought the result was spectacular. Reminds me of Starship Enterprize engaging to warp 8.

-Duane Sager


I was walking alone in Murray Street, Perth, while waiting for my friend finishing her grocery shopping in the evening, I saw this green-illuminated-chromed-angel-decor hanging on the street. Coincidentally I did bring my camera along, so i got it out, held it steadily on the skybridge's handrail which is just opposite to the decor, and started shooting. This photo was taken with my Nikon D5000 along with Nikkor 35-55mm kit lens in manual mode.

-Duenee Chan


Hey, Mi iPod is approaching! Taken in a very dark room with a canon EOS-30D, this is a 3.2 second shot, f/11, ISO 100, lens 28-135mm IS USM. For this shot the brightness of the iPod's screen was almost at the minimum. I finished zooming out before the exposition ended, then waited, so the a non moving screen also appeared on the picture.

-Eloy Ritter


After months of waiting, I finally got my D7000 and decided to take it out for a spin.
This was taken in the Vienna Woods, in Vienna, Austria (where I live) after about a foot of snow fell overnight.
I had to close the aperture because it was so bright and I took this as my dad walked ahead of me. It's nothing spectacular but I quite like how his feet are still in focus. I zoomed the full length of the lens (or tried to anyway), from 18 to 105 while keeping it steady on the subject.

Nikon D7000
18-105mm kit lens
Focal length: 18mm
Aperture: f/22
Shutter speed: 1/25
ISO 400

-Fernando Gomes


I'm reading Gizmodo for about a year now, and 2 months ago i got a Sony Nex-5 after long time saving money (I'm only 13), so i thought, why not enter the challenge?

I was looking around for a subject and saw the sun behind the tree in our backyard, i think it looks nice in combination with the snow.

ISO 200, F20, Auto WB, 1/5 exposure, Vivid lighting. Taken with 18-55mm kit zoom lens.


-Frederik Devos

Canon EOS 60D
ISO 100

This is my first submission to Gizmodo Contests. I have only been photographing for 2 weeks and thought it would be good practice to do some "assignments". With not much time left until the deadline, I needed to shoot something in the house. I thought to myself, "What would the eye zoom in on?..." Then, I had a flashback of a vodka/redbull night. Boom! Here's my submission.


-Geoff Gerrits

Unfortunately my DSLR is being repaired at the moment, so I had to find another way to participate in this challenge. I got stuck to the idea to shot through the viewfinder of a recently recovered 1992 Sigma SA-300 (analog) with my scouting cam, a Sony DSC –H20. This enabled me to do zoom exposures with the compact super zoom Sony using the 35-80 mm 1:4-5.6 DL lens attached to the Sigma. Also, the Sigma's dirty focus screen and it's by age yellowed mirror box together would give the pictures a nice, low-fi touch.
Turning the idea into reality hasn't been easy: first of all I do not have a second bipod, so I ended up using a cymbal rac from my drum kit (yes it uses the same thread) for the sigma. I pointed it though my balcony door window on the streets/place below (Münster, Germany) and set it to fastest aperture. Using an actual tripod I than placed the Sony behind the viewfinder (harder than it sounds). It's been 00:23 by the time I was ready, so I used following settings for it: auto WB (as it usably sets itself wrongly in night conditions supporting the low-fi colors of street lamps and traffic lights),6 mm (38 mm equiv.), F 3.5 ISO 80, 20 seconds exposure in macro mode. I did more than 20 shots in this set-up but the first of all was the best. Only slight contrast correction and cropping has been applied afterward.


-Jakob Dietz

This photo was taken with a Canon XTi
70-300mm kit lens (280mm)
100 iso
.25 sec exposure


I wanted to try taking a shot outside of the city lights, but weather the last few nights has not been ideal. So I hunkered down in my po boy studio (2 shop lights with 100w equivalent, daylight balanced CFL bulbs and a roll of white freezer paper in my dark basement). I like to use my little ninja toys when messing around. They are colourful and look funny. I just set up the camera on the tripod and started shooting away. I think this one was zoomed in initially and then I zoomed out while the shutter was open.

-Jamie Anderson


My name is Jaron Guy and I am an Electronic Media Production student at MTSU. This is my first submission, but I was extremely excited when I saw this week's challenge listing, because I have done lots of work with light-writing. Unfortunately when I arrived at my location to take a few tests, it was clear that the parking lot between myself and my subject put off far too much light to get the exposure time I was looking for, and was washing out every attempt. A pair of Dogfish Head's later, I was feeling slightly more inspired; one of the city's streetlights sat directly over a small, but intricate, branch that was freshly bare from the season's chill, I took about a dozen, and had several that I liked, but this one seemed to have the best overall appeal.

-Jaron Guy


Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XTi

Shot this in my living room after the sun went down... I placed the camera on a table, set the ISO to 1600, and the exposure to 13 seconds... then as I shot the picture I zoomed in till I was at about 100 mm and hand focused the tree... this is my first time doing this contest and the shot came out a lot better then I thought. I just had to edit the contrast, highlights, and the levels a little. All and all I'm very happy on how it turned out... enjoy and happy holidays!!!

-Jeremy Donnell


Shot in RAW on a NIKON D5000 with 18-55mm kit lens at f/32 ISO 200 and an exposure 3 sec.

This colourful toy windmill with metallic fins and green stem had been sitting in my garden for over a year now. Seeing it poking out of the snow this week it caught my eye and thought it was a perfect subjects for this weeks challenge.

I experimented with it both static and spinning, zooming in while taking the photo and then out. The final composition, taken against my wife's black coat was set in shutter priority for 3 seconds zooming out from 55mm with the windmill not rotating as the rotating version ended up too much of a blur.


-John Kilmister

This picture was taken from a great vantage point on Roosevelt Island looking towards the 59th Street bridge and midtown Manhattan. I love this location to take pictures of NYC both during the day as well as at night. This shot is looking towards the bridge and the buildings around it on the Manhattan side.


Picture taken with my Canon EOS Rebel T2i using a EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens. The ISO was 100 and in aperture mode. Used a f3.5 opening at a 2 second shutter speed. The focal length started at 55mm and ended at 18mm. The white balance was set to auto. Evaluative metering mode and landscape picture style.

-John McNamara


1. Snagged Gizmodo logo
2. Made it fullscreen in Photoshop with black background
3. Lay down monitor (matte LCD)
4. Placed Canon Rebel XS on top
5. Settings: Bulb, F25
6. Start zoom and pressed shutter
7. Finished zoom and closed shutter (~4")

-Jonathan Tabak


Camera : Canon rebel T2i.
Lens : Canon 18-135
F : 36
Speed : 1 second
ISO : 400

Title : Into the Green Shades.

History behind the shot :

I took today's morning (Sunday, December 5th) to practice focusing and also, to get more confortable using my new tripod. Today we had a really hot morning, with a scalding sun up high, allowing me to exercise a lot thing's like composition,
exposure timing, and so on. At the end, I decide to give a try on this week challenge, which at first I was thinking to shoot something at night, but since I was already shooting, why not give a try ? After experiencing with different flowers, plants, I took a rest bellow this jaboticaba tree (http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jabuticaba) which is loaded with jabotica (of course), then I notice the sun light coming thru the little spaces formed by the leafs, My first idea was that the picture will not work since there was too much light, but giving some time to adjust my camera, I got the shoot which I think is quite interesting for a first experience...


-Jose Gustavo

I recently was playing around with my friend's D60 and I was snapping some night shots, and the weather was pretty clear too. So I slapped the D60 on to my tripod and did a couple exposure shots of the streets, and then I decided to experiment a bit and this is the best one I shot.


Location Apartment Balcony (Toronto)

-Joseph Chang


The image was taken whilst sitting in my girlfriends room, I was playing with my camera (it's brand new) and then I saw the competition and thought I'd give it a shot, I was pretty impressed with this shot seeing as this is my first DSLR camera and I have little experience with it.
The object I choose to zoom in on is a small bedside lamp, but when you do the zoom it kinda look like a 'Don't walk into the light' type door. I like it :)

The image was taken with a Canon EOS 550D with the standard 18-55mm kit lens. I was on manual mode, with 4 second shutter speed, f8.0 aperture, autoISO (think it was 100 or 200 though) and monochrome mode. I used a desk to keep my image stable as I've not got round to getting a tripod.

-Joe Lambert


This is my first time submitting anything to the shooting challenge, so I'm a bit nervous. I've always admired the photos that get displayed, and hopefully you'll like my stuff too. I borrowed one of my school's cameras to try some zoom exposures during lunch. The picture is a pile of wet leaves on the ground. My school has a lot of trees, but unfortunately they're mostly evergreens except for....maybe two. And it normally doesn't rain much were I'm from, so I figured it'd be interesting to get some shots of it before it goes back to being dry and green. If I remember correctly, I used a Pentax K10D with a Tamron 18-200mm lens. My aperture was f/22 with a 1/15 exposure time. I think I had it set to ISO400, but I can't be sure on that part.

-LeeAnne Wang


Taken with Nikon D90 with VR 18-105mm F/3.5-5.6G lens. The pic was taken at ¼ second shutter @ F 4.5.

I had never tried zoom photography before this contest. I found myself sitting in front of my computer one night figuring out the basics of it when I turned it on my computer and snapped this picture. It was a picture my screen saver happened to be on at the time and I found it look the best out of all of them I took. Looked like something was exploding out of the screen.

-Luke Hedrick


Troubleshooting wiring of the rear break light on my F650 GS was a last tasks on my repair list. As what seemed to be a quick fix, took long time and some frustration. Finally, rear back of my bike came to life and red glow crowned back of my bike. With bright, red light my idea light bulb came on as I recalled the Zoom Change that I read about the other day. The bright LEDs and the dim garage lighting would compose good condition for shooting with long exposure. Grabbed my Canon 40D and tripod, set it behind my bike and started squeezing the trigger.

Gear: Canon EOS 40D with 28-135mm

Setting: F/14.1 16" ISO 100

-Marius Z. Wiejski


Camera: Nikon D90, ISO:200, exposure time: 1/2 sec, f-stop: f/25.
The silver/white light is the light reflecting off a small decoration piece. I pointed a flash light at the decoration piece. Then I took the pic from a diagonally right view.

-Mariya Butt


I was shooting a Bar Mitzvah toady (Saturday). I was hoping for one of the more elaborate setups that have become quite popular; multi-media, light shows, lasers. This one was a bit more low key. Even though they still had 3 dancers, MC and a great DJ. I always play around with zoom exposure during the dances. Equipment; Canon 7D, 17-55 f2.8, 580ex. Settings; ISO 1600, 55 down to 17mm on the exposure, f7.1 at 1/15 of a second with flash. I played around with some settings in Aperture 3. Exposure, contrast, vibrancy, and I added a vignette. Thanks for the challenge.

-Mark Englehart


This shot is of a jellybean-shaped accent lamp sitting on top of an LED patio umbrella light. I made no adjustments nor manipulated the photo in any way. Just some straight-out-of-the-camera serendipity. The movement seen at the ends of the streaks is a result of reaching the zoom limit before the end of the 10-second exposure. This also accounts for the fairly-hard edge of the lamp.
Nikon D70s with AF Nikkor 70-300mm, ISO 200, 10sec @ f/32.

-Mark Reddick


Shot this while snowed in from a firmly-tighted tripod at right around dusk with a 1.6 second exposure time and a F-stop of 25. Zoomed from 140mm or so down to about 75mm — or visa versa, I was all over the place. The ISO was set at 100 with an outdoor floodlight providing the only extra light.

-Nicholas Upton


I wanted to get something as close to the example shot as I could. Not a single point is in focus, but you know instantly that you are looking at a city at night. I tried to do the same with my Christmas tree. I used a tripod to keep things as steady as possible, turned off shake reduction, and shot. I knew what I wanted it to look like, but had to keep trying until I got it correct. Happy Holidays!

Camera: Pentax K-x
Lens: 18-55 kit (My only zoom!)
Aperture: f/9
Shutter: 1.6sec
ISO: 250
Focal Length: Started at 18mm and zoomed to 45mm.

Adjusted levels and contrast in PSE.

-Nick Giardina


My wife and I (just married in Oct.) decided that it was time to get our Christmas tree. Being the "lighting aficionado" that my wife is, she makes sure that every square inch of that sucker gets covered with lights, and every year I like to snap long-exposure shots as she flips and twirls the lights around the tree to get them to the spots she can't reach.... Needless to say I've got some other really great photos from years past. Just as I was putting away my camera, I suddenly remembered that there was a shooting challenge on GIZ and decided that I was actually going to submit something this time (instead of just admiring others' photos). I used a tri-pod to keep the background a little more in focus, and then started snapping away. I think this was shot number 4.

Body: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
Lens: Canon EFS 17-85mm (Stabilizer)

F-stop: f/8
ISO: 100
Exposure Time: 2.5 sec

-Nick Young


These lights are hanging over our dining room table and after not getting the best results shooting Christmas lights/trees, I tried a few different angles around the room. I started very tight in on the lights and while zooming the full 300mm I panned the camera slightly on the tripod to get those swirly trails. minimal white balance and contrast adjusted in lightroom.

shot with canon 5d mark ii using ef 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS
at f/22, shutter: 3.2, ISO: 50, zoomed from 400mm to 100mm.

-Noah Garbarino


I used a Canon EOS 500D with a stock 18-55mm lens and a 2 second exposure on ISO 640 and f-stop of f/5.6.

The picture is of the bubbles as my kettle starts boiling, the kettle has some illuminating LED's, and I thought it would look great as a long exposure shot, I think it didn't turn out too bad. :)

-Oliver Moolman


Shooting summary:
Camera: Olympus E-500
F-stop: f/5.6
Exposure time: 1/2 sec.
ISO speed: ISO-200
Exposure Program: Aperture Priority
Focal Length: 31mm
Focus: Manual
Date taken: 04 December 2010

I was at a party where the lights behind the DJ booth looked interesting. I felt that instead of doing just a conventional zoom exposure...I should throw some good ol' BOKEH into the mix. The result was colourful circles that appear to be bursting out from the centre.

-Omar Abdullah


I shot this with my Canon 5D Mark II and 70-200F4L lens on a tripod. ISO was 250 with a .6sec shutter speed with a wide open aperture of F4.0. I was shooting with a friend outside of the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. The area is blanketed with trees covered in LED Christmas lights. I shot a couple of the trees and thought the results were OK. But then I cam across this tree with the sign nicely wedged inside it, and a clean line of sight to the sign. That was my keeper.

-Patrick Salter


Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Canon 16-32 2.8 USM L
ISO: 100
F/Stop: 2.8
Shutter Speed: 1.0 second

Today me and my mom built this fake christmas tree so I decided to take a couple of shot's and then I remembered that there is the Gizmodo challenge to this is what i came up with :)

-Paulius Barakauskas


Nikon D70s, 200iso, 18-70mm lens, shot at f5.6, 2 second exposure.
Photo was shot in Bombers Burrito bar in Schenectady, NY.

-Peter Barvoets


This is a photo of a few of my son's fierce-looking dinosaur toys. I used an 0.9 ND filter and set the aperture to f/16 with ISO 200 to get a long exposure time. I started zoomed fully in, then zoomed out after about half of the exposure was done.

Equipment: Olympus E-620, Olympus Zuiko 12-60mm f/2.8-f/4.0 lens, Hoya .9 ND filter, Slik tripod. 13 second exposure at f/16.

-Peter Lee


The flower in the picture isn't an actual flower, it's the flower from my pillow casing. But by using the zoom exposure, the flower on the pillow seems to come to life. The tricky part was that my camera, because it isn't a DSLR, hasn't got the ability to zoom when using long exposure. So I had to "zoom" by slowly moving the camera away from the pillow.

Kodak Easyshare Z1015 IS
Exposure: 2 sec
ISO: 200

-Peter Proost


Canon 60D, EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
ISO : 100
32s of aperture (waited approx 5" then went all the way from 18 to 135 till closure)
Taken as a 5184x3456 RAW file.

the story behind :

I use that footbridge every morning, going to work, and always thought i'd make a great pic of it someday. We can't really see it on the zoom pic but its a long footbridge leading straight to paris over the seine, with rows of oldschool parisian style streetlights on both side. So I just got myself my new canon 60D last week and when I saw the challenge I just told myself it would be the perfect try. It was not considering the bad and cold weather we have in Paris these days. Almost lost fingers there :). Initially, I wanted to wait for the hour illumination of the Eiffel tower (which lights up for 10 first minutes every hour), but the cold and snow beginning to fall again won.


-Raphael Poulet

For this challenge I decided to do something interesting. I work for an airline and and happened to be on vacation this week. When I saw the challenge I knew I had to go somewhere interesting to attempt this, so I ended up flying to Tel Aviv, Israel out of Philadelphia. I have a friend who is currently living there and figured that it would be exciting to get up and go on a whim. I walked around the city for a while just taking pictures and every so often would attempt to take a shot while zooming in, but wasn't having much luck. When I went and reviewed the photos later, I noticed with this images the man standing in the middle of the frame is pretty much the only thing that is in focus, and thought that the slight zoom effect on the rest of the images gave an interesting focus to this man. I used a Canon 40D with a 28-135mm lens, f22 1/40 sec ISO 200 and a few slight tweaks in Photoshop Lightroom.


-Rich Siegel

"The Static City"
Syracuse, NY

Canon 7D
Kit 28-135 f/3.5 lens (zoomed from the 135 length down to 28)
ISO 100
10 second exposure


Not much of a story to this one. Went up to the top of Thornden Park, which overlooks downtown, and got my hands red shooting in the snow. Tried to get the snow to show up in the picture, but it was moving too fast to get exposed. This is also slightly edited; I took out all Orange and Green values, and left only about 10% of the Yellow values (the Blues and Reds were untouched).

-Robert Loughlin


Canon EOS 1000D, ISO 800, F36, With 1000D 18/55 mm kitlens.

I took this shot with my Canon 1000D (I believe its called the Rebel XS in America).
It's a picture of the orange heatsink on a ASRock motherboard, the blue stripes on the left are the RAM slots and the orange stripes on the right is some sort of weird VGA connector although I'm not sure (it's an old motherboard so I don't really know al the connections on it).

I added some vibrancy in iPhoto an made the blue stand out a little more in photoshop. I've only had the camera for two weeks and don't really know a lot of shooting techniques, I really enjoyed working with the Zoom technique I love the abstract effects you get with it.


-Ruben Dirks

Camera: Sony Alpha ?330
Lens: Sony SAL1855
ISO: 100
Aperture: ƒ/13
Shutter Speed: 6 sec


Taken from the playfield of my Bally Playboy Pinball machine, Its kinda like the Pinballs point of view.

-Ryan Hegland


I was looking around my room for things I could take a picture of for this weeks challenge. I started off taking pictures of my bed thinking I could do something witty like "high speed" bed, but, I failed at that. I was having trouble keeping the camera steady on my cheap tripod and all my pictures looked like they were blurry because I didn't know how to operate the camera. About 50 pictures around my room later, this is what I came up with. This is the ceiling lamp inside one of my rooms. I used Photoshop elements 8.0 to crop the photo to the desired size. I used a Nikon D50 with Nikon DK 18-55MM lens, 4 sec exposure, F22, ISO 200, and zoomed from 55mm to about 35mm.

-Seth Kaiser


Camera: Nikon D70 (yes it's old, I know)
Lens: Nikon 55-200mm VR F/4.0 - 5.6
ISO: 200
Focal Length: 80mm (thats where it ended anyway)
Shutter: 1.6 secs
Aperature: F/9
Date: 12/04/2010


Bay Area Tron-set

While at a holiday party on Saturday in the San Leandro hills we caught a slight break in the overcast sky just before the sunset began. Looking across the bay to San Francisco with Oakland and Alameda at my feet was a blanced sight of an
blue overcast sky, flickering lights of the cities as well as the warm sun bursting through bits of clouds. Towards the end of shooting I remembered the Giz challenge for this week and thought this would make a unique shot..... sort of looks like a sunset in the world of Tron if I had to guess.


To get the shot, I lowered my exposure compensation down about -1/3 a stop and set the camera to aperature priority and locked that to F/9. I set the shutter to timer and waited for it to open, I then slowly start pulling back as consistently as I could, I think the VR feature on the lens really helped on this one in addition to my all steel 15lb tripod.

-Shaun Flynn


Exposure: 30 sec @ F32
ISO: 200
Equipment: Canon EOS REBEL XS w/ Sigma 50-200mm Lens

I saw this candle votive lit at my mother house and thought that it may make an interesting photo. It reminds me of those revolving lamps from childhood that would cast shadows or pictures on the walls as a nightlight. Edited a small amount in Lightroom 3 for exposure, color, and black levels.

-Taylor Trevathan


I was inspired to photograph my Dell Studio 15 laptop's keyboard after numerous frustrating hours writing term papers in the dark. I used a Nikon D80 set up on a tripod facing downwards at the LED keyboard (I covered the screen to prevent light interference). I decided to make the letter G the focus of this piece in a petty attempt to suck up to Gizmodo. I also tried fixing the G using Photoshop, but it never looked quite right so I decided to leave it as it is. (f/5.6, 1/2 sec, 135mm, ISO-800)

-Tom Kott


Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Sigma f2.8 EX DG APO Macro HSM II
ISO: 100
Shutter speed: 2 Seconds
Tripod Mounted

This photo was taken at the Rhema Bible College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Every year they put up a big display of Christmas lights for people to come and look at. Among the display there is this American flag.
It only took a few tries to get what I was looking for. I set the shutter speed to 2 seconds and started with the lens zoomed in to 200mm. Right as the shutter opened I rotated the zoom ring to 70mm and let the image burn in for the remaining open shutter time.

-William Garrison


Fortunately, I was able to create the zoom effect by moving my camera away from the keyboard relatively quickly. Although I ended up taking a few hundred pictures before I finally was able to figure out the correct speed without shaking it to get exactly what I wanted. I also added some blue tint for fun. I particularly love the G in the picture.

-William Palin


This one of my favorite shots not too much edited other than made black and white. One of the first photos I took with my D90 earlier this year after my tragic loss of all my camera gear (D200, 70-200 2.8, 14mm f4 and a laptop) in a apartment break-in. It was the first good snowfall of 2010 and I was in no way properly prepared to go out shooting for 4 hours in the snow. Sneakers on and only a rain jacket and a thermal underneath my camera had at any given time an inch of snow on it as I was shooting a lot of handheld long exposures (like this one). This is on 42nd street walking toward the Chrysler Building...

Camera: D90
Lens: 18-105 Nikon
ISO: 3200
Aperture: f4
Exposure: 1/25

-Zach Roberts


I opened up a new box of Christmas lights tonight and plugged them in to see if they worked and, instantly thought about the shooting challenge. I've never tried this technique before but this is what I got. The bulbs are still in the box and propped up on a stool. The camera is on a tripod because I kept getting trails from lateral movement when hand held.(although, some of that was pretty cool) F22 1/10th iso400 No post except for crop

-Tim Hammer