Zoybar Modular Instrument is a Guitar, Bass or Medieval Lute, Depending on Your Mood

Click to view Stringed instruments are diverse in sound and design, but they all share the same basic shape. That similarity hadn't really bugged anyone too much for the last few hundred years, but where most see variety Zoybar sees redundancy: they've proposed a modular, build-it-yourself guitar-ish thing, with interchangeable parts that can convert it into a wide range of necky, stringy instruments. Want an electric guitar? An amplified theobo? A single-stringed hobo-bass with a line out? Sure, whatever, it's a Zoybar, man. Broken down into a few categories of changeable parts, main body included, the Zoybar itself is best described a series of standardized connectors. It'll be interesting to see what existing instruments can be created with the kit, but the weird, as of yet unrealized contraptions that artists create with the bevy of components have the potential to be amazing, or more realistically completely hilarious. The Zoybar should go on sale in January. [Zoybar via Crunchgear]


Navin R Johnson

I didn't find the video all that informative. What makes one instrument different from the next is its tone, which comes from its shape, size and resonance.

Switching from an electric guitar to an electric bass, fine, but how do we get to a lute, oud, mandolin, etc?

Looks like a half-backed concept to me.