Microsoft France's Francois Ruault seems to be a bit more talkative on the Zune platform than he should be, inadvertently announcing that the third-generation Zune is going to launch during the holiday season of 2009 (which means there's actually no release this year—weird). Plus, there's going to be a Wi-Fi music store! What's interesting to EU readers is that Francois said the third-gen Zune will debut in Europe at the same time. What's even more interesting to people who don't care about Europe are the mobile capabilities, a.k.a., the music store.

Apparently the Zune Marketplace is heading to "Mobile Platforms", with talk of it being on both Zune proper and Windows Mobile. This is heading fairly deep into rumorville, but it could mean that the Zune will get a mobile music/video store (like the iTunes Wi-Fi store) accessible over Wi-Fi. It can also mean the Windows Mobile 7 will get the same store, and will debut some time in 2009. This, assuming the rumors are correct and this French to English translator we're using is accurate. [Generation NT via Anything But iPod]