Zune: WiFi Store, Flash Zune, and Real News Within the Month

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The last time Chris Stephenson talked about the Zune, we got a couple of possible new Zune features Microsoft was working on. Here are hints about the future of the Zune.


First, he emphasizes Microsoft's plan to create a flash-based Zune in order to compete with Apple's best selling player, the Nano. MS wants to sell a "lower-cost product" in order to "quickly boost its user base", which is a good idea.


Chris also talks about expanding Wi-Fi features to enable downloading tracks in public (he said this last time) and syncing wirelessly with your PCs. Still nothing about a Zune phone, however.

But there he does confirm that within a month, there'll be real news to share.

New Zune Player Will Face Tough Market [Yahoo via Zunerama]

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I'm looking forward to the "big announcement" come Tuesday. I'd love for it to be video support on the zune store. I've got mine loaded to the gills already but I'd be really happy to see some high quality dls and better category support. Mine all just list under "all videos" unless there is something I'm doing wrong.