Zune: WiFi Store, Flash Zune, and Real News Within the Month

The last time Chris Stephenson talked about the Zune, we got a couple of possible new Zune features Microsoft was working on. Here are hints about the future of the Zune.


First, he emphasizes Microsoft's plan to create a flash-based Zune in order to compete with Apple's best selling player, the Nano. MS wants to sell a "lower-cost product" in order to "quickly boost its user base", which is a good idea.

Chris also talks about expanding Wi-Fi features to enable downloading tracks in public (he said this last time) and syncing wirelessly with your PCs. Still nothing about a Zune phone, however.

But there he does confirm that within a month, there'll be real news to share.

New Zune Player Will Face Tough Market [Yahoo via Zunerama]


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