Zynga Is Lobbying Hard For Online Gambling

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Unsurprisingly, Zynga is keen to move away from in-game purchases and towards in-game betting. So keen, in fact, that it's been spending upwards of $75,000 on lobbying policy makers over online gambling, reports The Wall Street Journal.


In particular, it's focussed on a bill introduced in the California state senate that would establish licensing for online poker providers. From the WSJ:

The bill, called the Internet Gambling Consumer Protection and Public-Private Partnership Act of 2012, would allow for $30 million licenses for gambling outfits with whom Zynga could potentially partner to offer online poker to players within California. The California legislation stalled earlier this year, but may yet be reprised.


Elsewhere, it's been closely following action in Washington, keeping an eye on internet gambling legislation in the House and Senate.

Facebook has recently launched an online gambling trial in the UK, and Zynga is expected to launch a monetized version of its online poker game early in 2013 as part of the scheme. Maybe online gambling won't be banned for much longer? [Wall Street Journal]

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I love video games, I love all sorts of games, but gambling? that's right up there with heroin addiction - I'm against it, as I've seen too many people "innocently" betting and going nuts over the possibility of big returns, while risking certain losses. Zynga, how much lower can you go to sustain your parasitic self? I'd like an honest answer.