A Terabyte of Portable Storage for $60 Is Your Deal of the Day

Here's a 1TB, USB 3.0 capable portable hard drive for $60 shipped from Amazon. That's a good price! And it's another reminder to back your data up.

This deal does what it says on the box: it's a big USB hard drive for cheap. The nicest thing it has going for it is that it's a portable hard drive, so you don't have to fuss with a power cord to plug it in. Depending on the model, most 1TB portable hard drives cost between $80-$100 online, and more in-store. But $60! That's 6 cents per GB, and that's damn cheap, especially with speedy USB 3.0 capability. Although nobody really reviews portable hard drives, if this one craps out on you you're covered by a 3-year Toshiba limited warranty. [Amazon via Deals Kinja]

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1TB Toshiba Canvio Basics Portable Hard Drive ($60) | Amazon | Originally $80+


Here's Your Productivity Stopping Deal of the Day

A Terabyte of Portable Storage for $60 Is Your Deal of the Day

These smartphone-controlled Deskpets offer a great fun-to-cost ratio at $5. Still $20 at Amazon. Total impulse buy. [Best Buy via 9to5Toys]


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Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 ($60) | Amazon via Deals Kinja | Matches lowest price ever


A Terabyte of Portable Storage for $60 Is Your Deal of the Day

Pretty great deal on a Dyson "bladeless" fan over at Amazon. They're refurbs, but sold by Dyson directly, so it's probably going to be pretty close to new. [Ebay h/t 9to5Toys]

Starbucks Barista Baratza Burr Grinder ($69) | Baratza | Originally $150 | Other refurb grinders HERE

Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon HD 7970 ($350) | Newegg via Hard Forum | Originally $370 | Four games too

$1 Domain Name | 1&1 Internet via Dealmac

Rosewill Computer Case That's Not Hideous ($32) | Amazon via Deals Kinja | Matches lowest price ever

50% off any Handmade Dominoes Pizza | Dominoes via Deals Kinja | Order online and use promo code P6A3N

Skylanders Giants Starter Pack ($40) | Amazon and Toys-R-Us via Deals Kinja | Lowest price ever, potential to get it for $11 at Target

LEGO Star Wars Luke's Landspeeder ($20) | Walmart | Discontinued and $30 or more elsewhere

Monster Cable AV 800 PowerCenter with Surge Protection ($14) | Amazon | Lowest price ever


Cooler Master Sonuz Gaming Headset ($20) | TigerDirect via Deals Kinja | After $20 rebate, $40 elsewhere


• Sweet Borderlands sale over at GetGamesGo, sadly does not include a discount on Dragon Keep. [Steam] | via Comments Section

Today Only Retro City Rampage [Steam and DRM-free] ($3.75) | Direct from Developer | Lowest ever | RCR just got a big update to go along with this sale

Tomb Raider [Steam] ($16) | GamersGate via Comments Section | Use code elder-geek.com

Dead Island: Riptide [Steam] ($15) | Amazon via Comments Section


FREE After Rebate Kane and Lynch 2 | Newegg

• Pre-order Saints Row 4 ($53) | Newegg | Use code EMCXPVR67

Ni no Kuni ($20+shipping) | Club Namco via Comments Section

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Tomb Raider ($30) | Amazon

Far Cry 3 ($20) | Amazon

The Walking Dead ($20) | Amazon


• FREE After Rebate Kane and Lynch 2 | Newegg

• Pre-order Saints Row 4 ($53) | Newegg | Use code EMCXPVR67

Gears of War: Judgment ($40) | Amazon

Tomb Raider ($30) | Amazon

Far Cry 3 ($20) | Amazon

The Walking Dead ($20) | Amazon

Kinect Sports ($5) | Newegg




What A Nice Filson Oil Slick Coat ($170) | Filson via Reddit | Originally $290

20% off Amazon Clothes | Amazon via Fatwallet | Use coupon code 20APPJUN

25% off Levi's Sale | Levi's via Buyvia | Use coupon code EXTRA25

A Suitable Wardrobe Mid-Season Sale | A Suitable Wardrobe via Put This On

Dumb TV → Smart TV

Physical Media

Princess Bride 25th Anniversary [Blu-ray] ($8) | Amazon via Daily DVD Deals

Lawrence of Arabia Restored [Blu-ray] ($10) | Amazon via Daily DVD Deals

• Pushing Daisies Season 1 or 2 [Blu-ray] (~$15) | Amazon via Daily DVD Deals

• Sherlock Season 1 or 2 [DVD] (~$18) | Amazon via Daily DVD Deals

Digital Media

A Terabyte of Portable Storage for $60 Is Your Deal of the Day

I'm an Amazon Prime subscriber, so sometimes it's easy for me to overlook the fact other Amazon shoppers need to hit minimum orders. Personally, I think Amazon Prime is a great deal. It's my opinion if you plan to spend around $500 on Amazon during a year that you should opt for Prime—the fast free shipping changes the way you shop online, but the streaming service really makes it a great value. For instance, I'll be watching The Avengers tonight... for free.

There's usually a free month trial to Prime. You can find that here: [Amazon]

And if you're a student, you can get 6 months for free, which is great for buying textbooks. (That's how they got me hooked, although it used to be a year.) [Amazon]






The Android-based Nook as we know it is dead. Long live the Nook. $150 for a 9" tablet. [Barnes & Noble]


BenQ 24" 1080p Monitor ($120) | Tiger Direct via Hard Forum | Originally $140

27" Monoprice Hi-Res Monitor ($350) | Massdrop via Hard Forum | Originally $400



Rebel T3i Refub ($395) | Canon via 9to5Toys | Originally $500

Bare Drives

250GB Samsung 840 Pro ($420) | Ebay | Originally $500



Time Trap ($0) | iTunes | Originally $1

League of Evil 2 ($0) | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $2


Doodle God ($1) | Google Play via App-sales | Originally $3

Elemental Knights Online RED ($1) | Google Play via App-sales | Originally $7

R-Type ($2) | Amazon Appstore via Apps-aholic | Originally $3


Topaz Lab ($200) | Topaz Labs | Originally $300 | Use coupon code JULY4 | Plugins for Adobe photo programs


Free Gevalia Coffee Sample ($0) | Walmart via Reddit

A Slew of Stuff that's FREE or Crazy Cheap After Rebate | NewEgg via Deals Kinja

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