The New iPod Touch Camera Falls Short—We Know Because We Tried It

When Apple announced a surprise update to the iPod Touch last week, many sought to revisit the appeal of the device in a smartphone-saturated world. One major benefit of the updated iPod Touch is the improved camera. We did some tests to see if the latest iPod matches the camera quality of the latest iPhone. » 7/23/15 10:18am Thursday 10:18am

Ford's New Headlights Spot and Turn to Illuminate Hazards at Night

Self-driving smart cars might still be years away, but the technology that makes them so smart is already benefitting drivers. Ford is currently perfecting a headlight system that uses infra-red cameras to illuminate unexpected curves and hazards on the road ahead that might be invisible to drivers otherwise. » 7/20/15 10:50am 7/20/15 10:50am

Here's How a Cheap $160 Action Cam Measures Up to a GoPro

GoPro’s name is spoken almost as a synonym for “action camera.” Yet there are many alternatives out there. They may not be as trendy, but they might save you money if you’re willing to sacrifice some things. One such camera is the new $160 Monoprice HD Sport 2.0. Watch our comparison video to see how it fares against… » 7/10/15 9:30am 7/10/15 9:30am

Camera zooms can get so ridiculously close it's scary

If you want to be a total creep and spy on things from miles away, just get a camera like the Nikon P900. The zoom is so ridiculous it’s scary. Check out the video by Fratila Angelo below that shows just how close you can get. It shows an excavator at work and when it zooms out, you realize you’re seeing that from… » 6/25/15 2:14am 6/25/15 2:14am

The Ricoh GR II Adds Wi-Fi to a Cult Classic

The Ricoh GR was a fantastically simple compact camera — one big APS-C sensor crammed into a portable body, with a good prime lens, decent controls, and not much else in the way. Two years after the original release, Ricoh has released the GR II. What ain’t broke isn’t fixed — the only major addition is Wi-Fi and NFC. » 6/17/15 10:00pm 6/17/15 10:00pm

Sony's New 4K Cameras: Supercharged Guts For a Supercharged Price

Sony builds some of the world’s best camera technology—so good that even competitors like Apple and Nikon buy their sensors. Now, Sony’s cramming some never-before-seen, next-generation guts into three of its hottest cameras. The new A7R II, RX10 II, and RX100 IV are promising unheard of levels of performance. » 6/10/15 1:39pm 6/10/15 1:39pm