A 16-Foot Tall Inflatable Vader Is Holiday Decorating Done Easy

This inflatable Darth Vader is not only the easiest way to decorate your front lawn for the holidays, it will also blow away whatever your neighbors come up with because at 16-feet tall it’s one of the largest lawn ornaments you can buy. And isn’t besting your neighbors what the holidays are really all about? » 8/03/15 5:28pm 8/03/15 5:28pm

Fishing Is Even Lazier When You Use an RC Boat

Using a remote control mower to cut your lawn? That's working smarter, not harder. Using a remote control boat to troll your favorite fishing spot? That's just making a lazy sport even lazier—which, of course, is awesome. Why struggle with wrangling a long fishing pole at the crack of dawn when you can simply troll… » 3/09/15 2:46pm 3/09/15 2:46pm

You Can't Buy These Underwater Iron Man Thrusters Without Gov't Approval

If you combined the SkyMall catalog with the Christmas list of some spoiled rich kid you'd end up with Hammacher Schlemmer: an impossible menagerie of everything from shoe polishers, to talking scales, to this amazing set of underwater thrusters that you wear like a pair of Iron Man's pants. If there's a better way to… » 8/29/14 10:42am 8/29/14 10:42am

Forget the Freezer, This Device Frosts a Beer Glass In Just 10 Seconds

When you want a frosty cold one, you usually don't have the time to wait for your pint glass to actually get frosty sitting in a fridge. So you probably settle for a less satisfying can or bottle—a compromise you'll never have to make again with this countertop glass frosting contraption. » 4/14/14 10:40am 4/14/14 10:40am

A Wireless Connection To Your PC Makes This Ancient Calculator Still Useful

Unless you hang around accountants all day, you probably haven't seen a desktop calculator like this in ages. But amongst number crunchers they're still popular, and this model might even stave off extinction for a while longer thanks to the addition of a wireless connection to a PC. » 12/19/12 8:40pm 12/19/12 8:40pm

Composite Fiber Pogo Stick Inspires a Whole New Generation to Break Their Necks

Like the hoop and stick or the ball and cup, the pogo stick is another children's toy that just hasn't been able to compete with video games and other electronic distractions. But you know what's sure to get kids bouncing again? A pogo stick with a composite fiber bow spring capable of launching them up to four feet… » 9/28/12 2:00pm 9/28/12 2:00pm

Here's the Saddest Batman Utility Belt Ever

You can forget about fighting crime and ridding the streets of super villains when all you're willing to spend on your utility belt is $60. Because with this flashlight fanny pack the only way you'll be able to serve your city is to help residents find lost remotes under their couches, or maybe help someone safely… » 9/07/12 4:00pm 9/07/12 4:00pm

Jeopardy Home Game Will Expose How Stupid You Really Are

When you're watching Jeopardy and playing along at home, it's easy to ignore the endless run of questions you get wrong because you're not keeping score. Such is not the case with this home version of the game. It keeps track of just how ignorant you really are—so it's a good idea to maybe only play with your… » 8/30/12 12:27pm 8/30/12 12:27pm