Meet the Men and Women Working to Prevent the Destruction of Humanity

Welcome to Reading List, a weekly collection of great tech reads from around the web. This week we explore the lives of the men and women charged with identifying existential risks to humanity, the groundbreaking new field of optogenetics, the unexpected downside to having very common name, and more! Enjoy.
» 5/17/15 5:00pm 5/17/15 5:00pm

Modern Technology Began in Garages, and So May The Future of Batteries

Welcome to another Sunday and another round up of wonderful science and tech reads from around the web. We've got tons of great stuff, all worthy of carving a few minutes out of your busy (or lax) Sunday. This week we're talking about Google's dichotomy as an information index and glorified advertiser, the very real… » 3/15/15 4:00pm 3/15/15 4:00pm

How Pan Am Became King of International Travel, and How It Lost It All

Welcome to Reading List, your weekly collection of most-read work from around the web. Valentine's Day is behind us and the gruesome work week hangs over all our heads, but for now we can take solace in a story detailing the rise of fall of great American airline, how one single tweet can ruin a life, or how the… » 2/15/15 4:05pm 2/15/15 4:05pm

What Would Happen If the Earth Stopped Its Orbit? (Nothing Good)

Welcome to Reading List. Another year and another week means another roundup of great stories that might have squeaked by during the holiday. We've got some speculative doom and gloom, a look into the future of one of NASA's Mars rovers, and a profile of a man who is clickbait personified. Happy New Year and happy… » 1/04/15 2:00pm 1/04/15 2:00pm