Warning: Don't Instagram The Bears

Welcome to this week’s Reading List, where you’ll find the best science and technology stories on the internet assembled in one delightful package. This week,

  • On December 3rd, 1990, a massive earthquake was supposed to shake Missouri and the American midwest. It didn’t, but brought some attention to the risks that such a quake could pose. [Buzzfeed]
  • While Instagram and mobile phones have been a boon for national parks, there’s a growing wariness with so-called ‘Instagram Hikers’. [NY Mag]
  • By 2050, 400 million people across the planet will be over the age of 80, and accompanying that number will be a massive growth in memory impairments. Will Stem cells be able to help? [Aeon]
  • When tragedy strikes, we change our profile pictures. Why? [New Yorker]
  • To combat Ebola, Liberians resorted to extreme measures when it came to disposing of the bodies. Now, the individuals who were responsible for cremating the bodies have been stigmatized. [New York Times]

Image credit: Fotos593 / Shuttershock

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