I Saw Firsthand How Nuts Airlines Are Getting With Ebola Fear

Yesterday I took a US Airways flight from Raleigh-Durham to Washington, DC to drive some Hellcats. So far so good, right? Across the aisle from me was a woman, from Boston, who was feeling a bit queasy. She asked the flight attendant for some club soda. They responded by trying to kick her off the plane. Any idea why? » 10/21/14 8:59am 10/21/14 8:59am

Watch This Badass Pilot Save the Day With a Ballsy No-Wheel Landing

Last night, the pilot of US Airways Express Flight 4560 was having some bad luck. The landing gear on his turboprop twin-engine plane just wouldn't go all the way down. So with some quick thinking and righteous piloting skills, he went in for a wheelless, sparky touchdown, and pulled it off without a hitch. » 5/18/13 1:07pm 5/18/13 1:07pm

Woman Who Claimed She Was Surgically Implanted with a Device Disrupts…

There was a big scare earlier this afternoon when US Airways Flight 787 was re-directed from Charlotte, North Carolina to Bangor, Maine because a passenger was "acting suspiciously". F-15 fighter jets raced at maximum subsonic speed to intercept the plane and had the pilot force-land in Maine. It was because a woman… » 5/22/12 3:54pm 5/22/12 3:54pm

Facebook For Free From Today on Seven US Airlines

Uh oh, our Jason Chen is going to be pissed when he sees this news. In-flight Wi-Fi's set to get even slower, now that Gogo is giving away free Facebook access on seven of the major airlines. » 2/01/11 4:40am 2/01/11 4:40am

US Airways Saves Flight From Dangerous Xbox 360 Threat

Adam was flying out of Boston on US Airways, and he checked his Xbox 360 with his luggage. When he got home, he found a ziploc bag full of little metal components on top of a newly broken Xbox 360. » 1/20/10 6:00pm 1/20/10 6:00pm

US Airways Getting In-Flight WiFi in 2010

US Airways is the latest airline to hop on the in-flight WiFi train, signing up Gogo inflight internet service to its domestic A321 fleet for next year. » 7/23/09 9:40am 7/23/09 9:40am

Hudson Crash Simulation with FAA Voice Recordings Shows Captain's…

If you thought that the pilot who landed US Airways flight 1549 on the Hudson River was cool, you haven't seen this simulation with the real FAA voice recordings. I'm absolutely stunned by his nerves. » 3/23/09 9:40pm 3/23/09 9:40pm

Yale Student Sues US Airways For $1 Million Over Lost Xbox 360

Boo hoo...a Yale student had his Xbox 360 pilfered out of his luggage during a US Airways flight. That, combined with the emotional toll involved in the recovery effort should be worth $1 million right? » 3/11/09 7:20pm 3/11/09 7:20pm

What Happens When an Airplane Engine Blade Gets Loose

Here's a crystal-clear video showing what happens when an airplane engine fan blade gets loose when you fire a chicken at 250 knots into a turbojet using a chicken gun. Result: (Contained) Boom. Update: Corrected. » 2/09/09 8:00am 2/09/09 8:00am

Timelapse Video: US Airways Airbus 320 Being Raised from the Depths of…

Here's a time-lapse video of the whole rescue operation of US Airways Airbus A320, down from the bottom of the Hudson river. I still can't believe the pilot was able to pull that one off. » 1/21/09 2:40pm 1/21/09 2:40pm

US Airways Waterlanding: Close Up Image of Inflatable Rafts

Have you ever wondered if an airplane's inflatable rafts actually work? I always do. The answer is YES. This image of the US Airways' Airbus 320 that just water-landed on the Hudson is just amazing. » 1/15/09 4:26pm 1/15/09 4:26pm

US Airways Removing All In-Flight Movies, Didn't Want Your Stupid…

Apparently, flying is just too pleasurable an experience, which is why US Airways is getting rid of all in-flight movies and is canceling plans to test out a new entertainment system in its planes. Wah wahhhh! » 7/09/08 2:33pm 7/09/08 2:33pm