Body Energizer Vibrating Exercise Machine Shrinks Something, But Not Your Butt

The Body Energizer Vibrating Exercise Machine claims to improve your muscle strength and bone density, using some magic high-frequency vibration. Doesn't this remind you of those worthless butt-shaking machines that were so popular back in the '60s? This one's makers also boast about how it could actually speed weight… »7/31/07 11:40am7/31/07 11:40am

Tanita BC-545 Scale: Learn More About That Flab Than You Really Want to Know

Tanita scales are so cool. But this Tanita Innerscan BC-545 measures a whole lot more than your weight, so much so that the company calls it a Segmental Body Composition Monitor. It can give you readings of how much fat is in each arm, each leg, and of course, that potentially ample repository of adipose tissue… »3/02/07 1:00pm3/02/07 1:00pm

Enviga: Calorie-Burning Tea to Melt Off That Extra Flab?

Coca-Cola and Nestl will roll out Enviga in test markets in the Northeast US next month. The carbonated green tea-based beverage is supposed to be able to actually burn calories. Its blend of green tea extracts is said to boost metabolism, burning 50 to 100 calories per 12-oz serving. That'll cost you, though, about… »10/12/06 10:47am10/12/06 10:47am

Scale Weighs You In With Celebs: Hope You're Not Mr. Ed

Weight is just a number, right? Not any more with the Celebrity Weighing Scale, eschewing numbers altogether and assigning you a celebrity that corresponds to your weight. Let's just hope you tip the scales closer to that of the Baby Jesus or Oliver Twist, rather than its higher end, comparing you to the likes of Mr.… »8/29/06 12:14pm8/29/06 12:14pm