You can find Jelly Belly jelly beans at almost any store, but that involves actually getting up and going somewhere to satisfy your sweet tooth. Why go through all that hassle when for just over $10,300 you can buy your own personal Jelly Belly vending machine and set it up right next to your desk at work, or sofa at home?


Before you balk at the price tag, which includes shipping, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t cost money, it makes money—if you’re willing to let friends, family, or co-workers have access to your candy stash. The machine doesn’t just dispense jelly beans, mixed from five different flavor cylinders into paper cups, it also includes all of the necessary mechanisms and coin slots necessary in the event you want to charge people to use it.

The machine even comes with 100 pounds of Jelly Bellys to get you started, 350 paper cups, and presumably the ability to charge whatever you want. The choice is yours: Free for yourself, or ridiculously over-priced for your starving co-workers.


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