Just keep your hands off and you’ll be fine. Actually, you know what? You probably don’t even want to get too close, because the gympie-gympie can shed needles into the air around it, and can scatter them on the ground. But how hard is it to avoid this one plant? It’s easy. No problem.

People have literally shot themselves after touching this plant. It cannot, it absolutely cannot, be hard to resist putting your hands on it. After all, it’s rumored that the British government collected samples of the plant so it could use gympie-gympie poison as a weapon. Why would anyone want to touch it? Why would that ever happen?

Yeah. If this mashup happens, we’re all dead.

All of us.

Kudzu Image: G. Smith, Leopard Seal Image: Cyfer13, Samara Image: lofaesofa, Chimp Image: Chi King, Dandelion Image: Sage Ross, Ant Image: USGS, Apple Image: Schuyler S, Hippo Image: Art G., Gympie-Gympie Image: CSIRO.