10-Barrel T-Shirt Gatling Gun Will Terrify You Into Staying Past the 3rd Quarter

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Suddenly your school's shirt bazooka doesn't look so hot. California's Bellarmine College Prepatory and NASA teamed up to create this t-shirt hurling behemoth, which launches three tees a second. WHO WANTS A SHIRT? YOU WANT ONE? GET SOME! GET SOME!

The Canon, built by the school's Team 254 Robotics, has a range of 150 yards, and an ammo capacity of 400 shirts. As you can see in the video below, they probably don't let this war machine crank up to full speed because it would slaughter everyone at the pep rally in a pre-shrunk cotton massacre. Go tea, g—Oh God, the shirt robot is back, aughghghhg

[Team 254 Robotics via MAKE]