10 Hidden Secrets in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

As one of the most beloved franchises of all time, The Force Awakens was scrutinized to a degree usually reserved for Pynchon novels by grad students (a treatment Rogue One is already getting as well). As a result, there’s a lot we now know about even the most minute details from the film, and Screen Rant points out ten of the best in a new video.

Much like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, Poe Dameron was originally supposed to die early on in The Force Awakens. Oscar Isaacs managed to convince JJ Abrams to have the character stick around—and become a fan-favorite, as well as the source of a great deal of slash fiction. Likewise, Luke and Maz both had expanded roles in earlier drafts of the film, but their screen time was cut so that audiences could feel more attachment to the new heroes.

What shocked me—shocked me even more than learning that Kylo Ren’s weird helmet ashtray might be the remains of his victims—was realizing there’s a pretty glaring inconsistency in the film: C3PO’s arm! For most of the film, 3PO has a new matte red arm that’s pretty easy to notice against an all-gold body. It doesn’t look so hot. And in his final scene, the droid’s gold arm is restored. As it turns out, C3PO’s actor—Anthony Daniels—was no fan of the red arm either, and he and Abrams struck this exact compromise.


Watch below for even more interesting tidbits about the film’s backstory. Or don’t, if you’re some kind of traitor.

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1. Luke was supposed to have a bigger role, but they didn’t want to overshadow new characters.

2. Peter Mayhew was too old to do all of Chewbacca’s scenes, so a new guy did some of them.

3. Poe Dameron was supposed to die early on as explained.

4. TR-8R - The storm trooper with the shock baton was popular enough to get a backstory.

5. Finn was originally a space pirate, then became a storm trooper that defected so he wouldn’t be too similar to Han Solo and to provide a new point of view.

6. Captain Phasma was originally a male. Mostly flipped due to people being mad about only one new female actor.

7. They had concept art for an Anakin force ghost played by Hayden Christiansen, but didn’t do it. Hayden also doesn’t want to do it.

8. Maz was supposed to have a bigger role, showing how she got Luke’s lightsaber.

9. C3PO’s red arm as explained in the article.

10. Kylo’s table of ashes as explained in the article.