10-Inch Blackberry Playbook Not Coming After All

To answer our previous question ("Is there a 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook?"), um, no.


RIM has reportedly axed production for a more vital project: It's dedicating all of its resources to developing a "QNX BlackBerry superphone" (read: last ditch hail-mary to save the failing company). Not an unwise choice. [Crunchgear]


Developing one at last, but this still means they will be behind the curve. If their "QNX Blackberry Superphone" was launching around the timeframe stuff like the Torch 2, Storm 3, etc are launching, I'd give it a fighting chance. I can't see the Torch 2 or anything else through 2011-2012 making much of an impact, they are just updated versions and when they launch will still have yesterdays internals. They need to revise their development cycles and get modern hardware out the door faster.