$10-Per-Month DSL From AT&T

It seems Uncle Sam is looking out for those of you in AT&T's 22-state landline service area. If you have never been a customer of AT&T or BellSouth broadband, you are entitled to an unadvertised $10-per-month DSL service.

The deal is part of a concession with the FCC—AT&T had to agree to offer it for two and a half years when it bought BellSouth. The bandwidth isn't super sweet, at 768Kbps downstream and just 128Kbps upstream, so not a whole lot of juice for gaming, but the price is equal to dial-up and can blow that away.


I will warn you, the link on AT&T's website is hard to find. As best as I can tell, you have to go through this availability checker, and even then you have to wade past other nice-but-not-as-nice offers. You can also try to swing it by calling AT&T directly. To lock down $10-a-month DSL, it might be worth the annoyance.

AT&T quietly introduces $10 DSL plan, part of BellSouth merger concessions [SiliconValley.com]

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