Even though our own experience in using Vista on a day-to-day basis side by side with our OS X machines have been pretty decent, there's been lots of rumors and misconceptions floating around about Microsoft's new OS. Here are ten.

The first is that you have to buy a high-end PC to run Vista. Well, according to the performance benchmarks Vista's not all that much slower than XP despite having more features and an Aero UI.


Then, there's the myth that Vista will solve your security problems (false), that Vista isn't more secure than XP SP2 (also false).

Other things that are false: Vista's only improvement is eye candy, you can't dual boot Vista with another OS, Vista requires Office 07, old apps won't work with Vista, Dual Core machines require Vista Premium, you can't play ripped music in Vista, and Vista costs a lot more than XP.


Some of these are pretty ridiculous, but consumers that don't really keep up with technology may be confused enough to hold off on Vista because of something they heard from the tech guy at work.

Take a look at Tech Republic for more info.

Don't be misled by these 10 Windows Vista myths [Tech Republic]