100 Percent Bug-Powered Smart Phones and More from TreeHugger

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This week, gross gag gifts for public transit commuters, MIT builds an artificial solar leaf, how to make a solar powered cockroach, wireless brakes for bikes and more!


1. Ask Pablo: Are Food Trucks Greener Than Restaurants?
We compare the pros and cons and come up with a delicious decision.

2. 8 DIY iPad Covers That Are Cheap, Easy and Stylish
If you fold a placemat in half and tape it shut, you can do some of these.

3. DIY Solar Powered Cockroach Robot
This vibrating toy is perfect for kids, or if you just want to tinker around with some spare solar panels.

4. 100% Bug-Powered Smart Phone, Featuring Insects Doing Circus Tricks (Video)
Finding the humor in green technology ads.

5. "Seat Savers" Are Best (and Grossest) Idea For Riding Public Transit
The perfect gag to carry in your bag to get you more room on the bus.

6. Just What We Needed Dept: The AshPoopie Poop Picker-Up-and-Incinerator
Um, seriously??


7. Can Robotic Deer Used To Catch Poachers Be Scaled Up for Endangered Species?
They catch stupid deer hunters, so why not stupid poachers?

8. MIT Artificial Solar Leaf Comes to Life! (Video)
The concept is becoming reality.


9. Wireless Brakes for Bikes Developed by Computer Scientists
Can you trust these breaks? You'd better — we'll be seeing them on cars and buses in the future.

10. Facebook Launching "Social Energy" App for Improving Energy Efficiency
Can Facebook do what Google and Microsoft couldn't?



Used to have one of those 'SeatSavers'. It was pretty cool for only $5, but that was many years ago.